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How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

Outrage against paedophilia is not universal, neither through history nor through many cultures around the world today.

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

The West now accepts that paedophilia is morally repugnant. But it wasn’t always this way, writes Akos Balogh.

Child Protection Week: Teach Consent Early, Warn Child Psychologists

For Child Protection Week (September 5-11), Act for Kids reveals young children are vulnerable to abuse due to a lack of education.

“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

A new tech start-up lead by former CEO of World Vision Australia promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

Grace Tame: ‘My Mission to End Abuse’

The Australian of the Year reveals her plan to bring an end to child sexual abuse and stamp out the culture of “cover-up”.

Australians are Live-Streaming Child Sex Abuse. Joy Was One of Those Children. Now, She’s Speaking Out.

At 10 years of age, Joy became a victim of cybersex in the Philippines after her mother moved overseas for work and left her in the care of her grandmother.