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Blood for a Bandage: Designer Camilla Franks’ New Mission

The Australian fashion designer and breast cancer survivor Camilla Franks has joined forces with Lifeblood for a crucial cause.

How to Position Your Organisation as a Leader in the NFP Space

How do you become a leader in the unique sphere of the non-profit sector? And how do you go about getting the engagement you need?

Australians and Red Cross Unite to Raise $25 Million for Flood Victims

Australia’s commercial television networks united for a telethon raising more than $25 million for the Australian Red Cross Flood Appeal.

New Company Turns Meeting Fatigue Into Charitable Donations

Finding a sustainable fundraising model is tough, but vital, and new-to-the-market meetmagic’s concept is helping companies and charities.

Feed Our Medics: Helping Our Healthcare Heroes

Feed Our Medics provide a lift in morale to people who are taking personal risk to treat and comfort COVID-19 patients.

England’s Wall of Hope: “We’re Building a Legacy”

A charity is seeking public support to build a unique monument that will be a testament to the power of faith and the belief in prayer.

Australians Prioritising Volunteering Amidst the Challenges of COVID-19

Recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows how Australians lived between June and September of the iconic year that was 2020.

Get ready for Miracles Day!

This Thursday, 19 August on Miracles Day, you have the chance to give someone the Miracle gift of sight for just $33 – changing their life forever.

Gokul needs a Miracle

For children with cataracts, the longer they wait for treatment, the more likely it is that future surgery will not be successful.

The Moment a Dad Gets a Miracle

I was there in a tiny hospital in a remote part of the Philippines where a CBM-funded program had taken up residency to provide cataract surgeries.

Praying for a Miracle

For Suman, growing up in a remote village in eastern Nepal, life took a sudden turn the year she turned five and now she needs a Miracle.

Small Boy, Big Heart

11 year old Curtis started a business washing his neighbours’ bins and is now using what he earned to give 10 people the Miracle gift of sight.

Life After COVID: Christian Groups Unite to Pave the Way Forward

In an overwhelming display of support, Australian Christian groups have pledged their commitment to the Prime Minister to help with the nation’s recovery.

Osher Gunsberg’s Heart for Gifting Bikes to Developing Countries and His ‘Bachelor’ Advice

In a year that’s seen Osher quarantined from his family, he’s taken on a new role as an ambassador for World Bicycle Relief Australia.

How the Charities and NFP Sector Is Changing; From Mass Marketing to Personalisation

The days of ‘set and forget’ generosity is on the decline with donors of all ages expecting a more personalised experience from charities and NFPs.