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Saved, With Scars – That Jesus Can Heal

How do you see your scars? Repulsive? Shameful? Embarrassing? Jesus isn’t afraid to touch our scars… He is able to heal them, writes Danni Synot.

Feeling Unmotivated – And How to Deal With It

A lack of motivation, can be restful and therapeutic, in the right measure for the right reasons. But it can also be accompanied by an evil twin: fear.

What Are You Worth?

Some people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for something that they value, but God paid more than what the world says you are worth.

Why Sweet Revenge Is Actually Bitter

Unfortunately revenge, while it feels good in a fleeting moment, ultimately leaves us feeling even more empty and angry than before.

Getting Off The Merri-Go-Round Of Your Thoughts

Stuck on the merri-go-round of your thoughts? You have the power of peace at any moment to help you slow everything down in your head.

Do You Have a Wonder Woman Complex?

Are you so busy maintaining your family, work, kids and other people’s expectations that you’ve forgotten how to just be?

Fear is a Liar

Fear deconstructed, is nothing more than an illusion. A combination of unhelpful thoughts and physical sensations designed to render us powerless.

Patience Through Grief

When we’re processing grief, the bible speaks of trials as a pathway of growth in strength and character, leading to our ultimate hope in Jesus.

Are You Holding the Watering Can or the Machete?

When we’re infected with tall poppy syndrome, insecurity, fear or pain leads up to cut people down instead of watering them with grace.

What Are You Worth?

As a child I suffered emotional abuse and abandonment, told repeatedly that I was stupid and that I would never amount to anything.