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Infertility: Could Community & Prayer Help Cure the Hidden Pain?

With almost 40 contributors from a variety of cultures, the devotional spans the breadth of dynamics at play when you confront infertility.

Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning – A John Anderson Book Review

Author Nigel Biggar meticulously examines through the historical legacy of colonialism and uncovers both the horrors and the triumphs.

Books to Bring in the Christmas Season

There’s nothing like relaxing in a cozy corner with a good book at Christmas time! Here are some excellent recommendations.

Your “Ordinary” Makes Life Meaningful, Says ‘Jesus And’ Author Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Church pastor Robert Fergusson has long been curious about the relationship between Jesus and his “everyday” followers.

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life [Book Review]

To move “beyond order” is to move beyond rules for the sake of rules, says Jordan Peterson in his book.

Tim Keller’s Last Word on Forgiveness

Tim Keller’s final book does what the writer did for the bulk of his ministry: it infuses a deep gracious call for spiritual transformation.

Why You Should Deface Your Books

Dog ears and margin scribbles in a book is a sure sign of how much the author has made a reader think or imagine, writes Sheridan Voysey

Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World – Book Review

Tom Holland’s book unpacks how Christianity is the most important historical factor explaining the West today.

The Word Becomes Film – Book Review

‘The Word Becomes Film’ is a modern-day parable, introducing the reader to an incredibly easy way of speaking to others about God.

Stressed? You Can Use it For Good, says Former Navy Officer Paul Taylor

“Big challenges that are really hard to overcome” are an opportunity to sharpen our character or to practice a virtue, says author Paul Taylor.

‘The Faith of Elvis’: Billy Stanley Recounts the Prayers of an Icon

“I’d heard a little bit about prayer, but I’d never had anyone lead me in a prayer like that.” Stepbrother to Elvis, Billy shares with Laura.

Former Prime Minister John Howard on the Queen, Australia and Sport

“Our sense of balance has defined us as a nation and will safeguard our future.” Australia’s 25th prime minister chats about his new book.

“It’s a Masterpiece”: A Hopeful Top 10 Christian Book List

In searching for this year’s best books, SparkLit has come up with a list of gems that will serve you well in your spare time.

Space Exploration Reflects a Spiritual Need, Says US Author and Pastor Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko has written about many subjects over the years but in his new book, he looks at humanity’s obsession with the celestial.

Helen Smallbone, ‘Mum’ to 3 Grammy Winners – Releases Her Memoir

Helen tells her story of being Mum to seven creative children, including Grammy Award winning artists Rebecca St James and for KING & COUNTRY.

How To Declutter Your Bookshelf

When you your collections gets overwhelming and you need to cut down, how do you decide to get rid of the books in a way that won’t break your heart?