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Jakki Overcame Abuse and Wants to Help Others Break Free

Having experienced decades of abusive relationships, Jakki Civeriati began to learn powerful tools to help her break free.

Mum Turns Her Kids’ Questions Into Award-Winning Education Series

‘Franki and Banksia’ was a winner in the New York City Big Book Awards this year, which was a huge milestone for Sydney mum Leanne Murner.

Children’s Story ‘Little Pago’ Helps Kids Rethink their Plastic Use

The Little Pago author says, “The book highlights one of the critical threats that our marine life face, which is plastic pollution in the ocean.”

Tragedy Shows Us Humans Are Compelled to Help: ‘A Fire Inside’ Book and Doco

“This idea that is built into all of us, into our DNA, is this desire and reflex to help,” Ebony Gaylor, sociologist and social futurist.

‘138 Dates’ Later, Rebekah Campbell Says Entrepreneurship Can Help You Find Love

Rebekah Campbell’s book ‘138 Dates’ covers her three-year journey in finding love, confronting grief and rejection, and perseverance.

Most Asked About Parenting Topics: “Queen of Common Sense” Maggie Dent

“COVID has taught us that some things are out of our control. We can’t change them,” says podcaster and author – Maggie Dent

“God is Not Offended By People Asking ‘Why?’,” Says Christian Apologetics Author

As we ask harder questions about the state of our world, Dr Orr-Ewing says “questions and doubts are not the enemy of the Christian faith”.

“The Baggage Handler” by First-Time Aussie Novelist Wins Prestigious US Book Award

A novel about a mysterious airport baggage handler who reveals how people are being held back in life, has won prestigious US Christian writing award.

Aussie Olympian Libby Trickett Opens Up About her Mental Health Struggles

She had won gold at 3 different Olympic Games but beneath the surface, she was struggling—with crippling anxiety and depression.

The Best Books I Read in 2019 (and a Few Others)

Where would we be without books? What wonder and wisdom we’d miss out on, what delight we’d forfeit. Here’s this year’s edition of my Best Books list.