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23 Names of Jesus And Their Meanings

Most people have only one name, but the titles and names of Jesus add up to more than 50 in the Bible, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

Dear Gutsy, Outspoken, Take-Action Women of God…

Yvette Cherry encourages all gutsy, outspoken, take-action women of God to keep on stepping up and raising their voice.

Can We Ever Find True Equality?

God declares all humans equal because we are created in his image, no matter how much we earn, how we look or where we live, writes Robert Martin.

Vale Brother Andrew, Founder of Global Charity Open Doors

In 1957 Brother Andrew smuggled Bibles across the Iron Curtain in a bright blue Volkswagen Beetle – memorialised in his autobiography ‘God’s Smuggler’.

How To Actively Read Your Bible

If you want to read the Bible in a way that gives God a greater scope to change you, try the S.O.A.P. method. Here’s how to do it.

Is God Only Watching us From a Distance?

Many religious systems in the world start from the premise that God is far away and remains high above or that they can earn closeness to God.

Free Bible for Babies Born in 2021

Launched in 2018, Bible Society’s Bibles For Bubs program has given away 10,000 Toddler Bibles over the last 5 years, with another 2,000 to be sent this year.

40th Anniversary of Bible Smuggling Operation

40 years since the Chinese Bible smuggling operation ‘Project Pearl’, Open Doors is now encouraging Australians to become a Bible smuggler from home.

200 Millions Views: BibleProject Founders Captivating World

BibleProject’s videos have clocked up over 200 million views and counting, and they’ve recently launched a free educational platform.

Zombies at Easter – I Don’t Think So

When you think about it, you could understand why a modern day child might consider Jesus to be either a zombie or a superhero or both.

10 Best Bible Studies for Women to Help You Grow in Faith

Looking for the best Bible Studies for Women? Here are 10 great topical, book and daily Bible study books your’e sure to love!