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When Cracks Appear, Check Your Foundations

Our engineer’s advice added a week to our build and significant cost to our budget, but it’s a helpful metaphor for our personal lives, too.

Limiting Beliefs: Things That Hold us Back

Feeling like God hasn’t kept our ‘bargain’ limits our ability to trust God. Brian Harris unpacks the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Are Your Led by Your Feelings or Faith? 5 Subconscious Lies That Can Deceive Christians

We’re living in a society where we think our feelings are critical to our existence, and it’s all sorts of beliefs that shape us, writes Akos Balogh.

“Don’t Believe In God? Lie To Your Children”

In the Wall Street Journal, a well known and respected author and Psychoanalyst wrote a piece entitled ‘Don’t believe in God? Lie to your children’.

Having Faith in God Does Not Mean Leaving Your Brains at the Door

Intellect and faith are not mutually exclusive though they are often seen as kind of a see-saw, where having more of one means less of the other.

No Question or Doubt is Too Big For God, Says Pastor and TV Host Aaron McManus

The Mcmanus show is driven by Aaron’s own quest for transparency in his Christian faith and a desire to destigmatise imperfections.

What to Do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Beliefs

Which church do you attend? What school do you send your kids to? Here are five ways to navigate your different religious beliefs.

Before He Died, Mike Willesee Revealed a Deep Spiritual Search

When he was 51 years old, Mike prayed his first prayer in 35 years, to a God whose existence he was quite uncertain about… but he prayed all the same.