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Paralysis by Analysis

We can analyse, assess and plan, but unless we act, we’ll never reap any rewards. The Bible encourages us to ‘have a go’…

Got Performance Anxiety? Here’s Some Strategies to Manage it

For those who struggle with nerves in front of a crowd, the good news is that there are strategies that reduce performance anxiety.

In a Time of Anxiety, How to be Non-Anxious

Jesus can make a difference to the way we face and work with anxiety, writes faith and culture blogger Brian Harris.

New Australian Centre Focusing on Women’s Mental Health

HER Centre will combine biological, psychological and environmental factors to better understand mental ill-health conditions in women.

If I’m Anxious, Does That Make My Faith Weak? – Author Nikki Thompson

Author Nikki Thompson questioned whether she could still be the Christian she aspired to be, and have fear, at the same time.

3 Strategies for Inoculating Girls Against Stress

With teens facing unprecedented challenges in today’s digital world, these 3 strategies can bolster our adolescent girls’ resilience.

Turn It Off

This is your reminder if you are feeling the weight of it all to turn it off. Turn off the phone, the TV, the laptop, put down the tablet.

Getting Off The Merri-Go-Round Of Your Thoughts

Stuck on the merri-go-round of your thoughts? You have the power of peace at any moment to help you slow everything down in your head.

Tips to Care for Your Pets as You Head Back to the Office Post-Pandemic

Pets that have experienced additional quality time with their owners over the last 12 months might struggle to adjust as life begins to go back to normal.

Mental Health Consequences of Hard Border Closures on FIFO Children

FIFO families are finding themselves forcibly separated with workers stuck in rural WA, while their partners and children remain behind in other states.

Helping Our Children Through Dark, Difficult Days

Talking to your children about challenges you’re facing is a daunting task. It can be so hard to be strong when you probably feel like falling apart. 

9 Practical Ways to Support Anxious Kids Return to School

These physical and behavioural signs could suggest that your child is anxious about returning to school, and here’s how you can support them.

My Child is Struggling Because Everything Is Being Cancelled

Here are 6 tips to help your child understand and process why their school fete, disco, sport events and play dates are being cancelled.

Anxious Motherhood: My Ducks Were In A Row

I felt anxious, my identity slipping away. I was a do-er, I wasn’t someone who could sit on the couch, knowing dishes needed to be done.