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From Alcoholism to Sobriety Advocate, Justine Whitchurch Offers Hope for Addiction

“Me being sober doesn’t stop life’s challenges from coming my way. It’s given me a lot better capacity to cope with what does come my way.”

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Parties give teens an opportunity for socialising – but I’m often asked, “How much influence do parents have on teens, parties and alcohol consumption?”

6 Tips on Young Teens, Sleepovers and Parties

How can we prepare our children for High School parties and sleepovers, where drinking might be involved? Collett Smart shares expert advice.

Why Advice About Alcohol Falls on Deaf Teen Ears (and What You Can Do About It)

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Having the ‘Hard’ Conversation With Your Teens about Alcohol

How do you set rules and boundaries about alcohol with your kids? Here are 6 tips for talking about alcohol with your kids.

Should We Be Giving Our Teens Alcohol?

Many parents believe they are doing the right thing by giving their teenagers alcohol, however new research has turned that on it’s head.