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Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

In January, Taylor made headlines when social media site X lit up with AI-generated sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of Swift.

The Disturbing Contradiction at the Heart of Secular Morality

There’s a contradiction built into the heart of the secular view of morality, that upends the view of human rights many take for granted.

How Remembrance Day and WW2 Gave Me Moral Clarity about Israel/Hamas War

While I respect Obama in many ways, I have concerns about his popular view that ‘nobody’s hands are clean’ in the Israel-Hamas war.

Jewish People are Increasingly Terrified. And Christians Should Take Note

Since the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas, the attacks on Jewish people outside of Israel have increased.

10 Reflections on a Divided World: Israel, and The Voice to Parliament

As I’ve thought about the various issues, here are 10 of my reflections on the Voice, and on the Israel situation.

AI and Christian Faith: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

Of course, the Bible doesn’t mention AI… but it does have many things to say about technology, writes Akos Balogh.

I Went to See ‘The Sound of Freedom’, and Here’s What I Thought

I saw The Sound of Freedom owith my wife, Sarah, and it was a movie that touched the deepest parts of my soul.

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

The West now accepts that paedophilia is morally repugnant. But it wasn’t always this way, writes Akos Balogh.

As a Christian Bloke, Here’s What I’ve Learned About Difficult Emotions

We blokes often struggle with our emotions more than females do. Here are 11 lessons I’ve learned about dealing well with difficult emotions.

7 Christian Principles To Help Us Adopt AI in a Human-Centered Way

How do we make sense of the changes AI is bringing? What principles can we use to think through what we adopt and how we adopt it?

The Strange Anti-Christian Bias of Microsoft’s New A.I.

As we step back and think about what’s going on with digital technology – including AI – there’s a few keys Christians need to consider.

The Day I Met Tim Keller

Akos Balogh shares about the time he met Tim Keller – and what he loved most about his character and his teaching.

How a Secular View of Morality Creates Challenges for Ethical A.I.

As we continue to develop and use artificial intelligence, we must consider the ethical implications of robotic systems making moral choices.

A Christian Perspective on the Voice Debate: 4 Key Takeaways

With issues like The Voice to Parliament, we need to be wary of baptising our position as the definitive Christian one, writes Akos Balogh.

As a Christian, I Went Down the A.I. Rabbit Hole. Here are 12 Things I Discovered

I’ve dived down the AI rabbit hole, listening to podcasts, reading books, taking courses, and testing it. Here’s 12 things I’ve discovered.

The Gospel According To Lorde

While it was fascinating to hear Lorde pontificate on the state of the world, our real Lord delivers a very different gospel, writes Akos Balogh.

Questions We’re Not Meant to Ask About Our Secular Culture

Questions our culture struggles to answer – as they raise the uncomfortable idea that the secular view of life just doesn’t fit reality.

How The ‘Prayer of The Authentic Self’ Shows The Religion of our Secular Age

Christian author Brian Rosner’s caricature of the Lord’s Prayer, sums up our culture’s obsession with Authenticity.