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How The ‘Prayer of The Authentic Self’ Shows The Religion of our Secular Age

Christian author Brian Rosner’s caricature of the Lord’s Prayer, sums up our culture’s obsession with Authenticity.

Why The Death Of Queen Elizabeth Brought Our World To A Halt

The world came to a screeching halt when Queen Elizabeth died. And her funeral was probably the most watched event in human history thus far.

How a Humble Western Sydney Pastor Got Canberra’s Attention On Religious Freedom

A suburban pastor organised a rally on religious freedom, then was invited to talk to the Shadow Attorney-General. Yet he doesn’t see himself as political.

Is the Sexual Revolution Built on Lies? Secular Feminist says ‘Yes’.

Questions are being raised about the impact of the sexual revolution on girls and women… questions that resonate with the Bible’s view of sex.

Why ‘Looking Within’ For Identity Isn’t Enough: We Also Need To ‘Look Up’

Modern psychology affirms the importance of ‘looking up’, or having a spirituality of one form or another, to find our identity, writes Akos Balogh.

How “You Do You” Is Leading To Narcissism and a Mental Health Crisis

You Do You’: it’s about finding your purpose and identity within. But it’s led to more narcissism and a growing mental health crisis, writes Akos Balogh.

Are You Confused About Religious Freedom in Australia? These 3 Short Videos Will Help

Three short videos providing a great explainer about Religious Discrimination in Australia and the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Weary of Politics? A Few Thoughts to Help Christians Avoid Cynicism

Aussies have voted, but many are cynical, including many Christians. Here are 13 thoughts to help you keep perspective.

Are Your Led by Your Feelings or Faith? 5 Subconscious Lies That Can Deceive Christians

We’re living in a society where we think our feelings are critical to our existence, and it’s all sorts of beliefs that shape us, writes Akos Balogh.

How Christians Are Helping Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Akos Balogh spoke to a Hungarian Christian aid worker to hear about the 350,000 Ukrainian refugees in Hungary and how they’re being supported.

A Fatal Flaw at The Heart of Evolutionary Morality

Our secular culture often uses evolution to explain why we’re moral creatures, and why we’re outraged at injustice. But the theory has a fatal flaw.

7 Reflections on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

War should not drive us to despair, but help us yearn for the new creation, writes Akos Balogh, in this reflection on the invasion of Ukraine.

Why Christians Should Avoid Alarmism (And What To Do Instead)

If we see the world through the eyes of faith, we’ll see that Christ is working out all things according to His good plans.

How Not To Fight Cancel Culture

When threatened with ‘cancellation’, how do we keep from fighting outrage with outrage, hate with hate, cancellation with counter-cancellation?

4 Big Lies Christians Believe In Our Fracturing Age

These lies drive how we think about the world, how we talk, and how we act, especially toward those who think differently to us.

What Happens If We Lose Religious Freedom? Here’s What Few People Realise

While there are obvious consequences for Christians, Churches, and other ministries, there is another consequence that few people realise.

10 Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Having Good Mental Health

After my panic attack on that small aircraft, part of me didn’t ever want to fly again. This is what I learnt on the journey of responding well to anxiety.

A Father’s Letter To His Daughter (About Living In a World That Degrades Women)

Part of me wishes I didn’t have to write this letter. I wish we lived in a world where all men treated all women with dignity and respect, at all times.