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Community Transformation Groups Are Giving Hope to the Poorest and Most Vulnerable in Rwanda

In 2002, African Enterprise Rwanda piloted the first Rwandan self-help groups. Since then, they have brought transformational power to hundreds of thousands of Rwandese.

Food for the Hungry

With millions of people in Africa facing food insecurity, a vocational training project has helped one woman feed her family during 2020’s COVID lockdown.

Masked, But Not Silenced – African Enterprise Response to COVID-19 in Kenya

African Enterprise is reaching out to communities with the love of Jesus, knowing that no mask can silence the Gospel and its eternal hope for this nation.

African Enterprise South Africa Response to COVID-19

African Enterprise South Africa are delivering food, face masks and the Gospel message to those struggling most in lockdown conditions.

Discipleship Program offers Spiritual Stability to Students in Ethiopia

Not only does the discieship program offer students confidence in their school years, it imparts life skills that serve them well into adulthood as well.

African Enterprise Brings Trauma Healing to Schools

Sadly, in a lot of the African regions, many in the community acutely feel the affects of trauma but aren’t supported in recovery.

Malawi Sewing School Graduates Given a New Future

This year, 20 women have already graduated with the skills needed to have their own textiles business, and manage their own household and finances.

Tabora Mission Brings Unity and Religious Clarity to Bustling Tanzanian City

Christianity is considered a minority religion and is largely rejected by the Muslim population living in Tabora, however, the locals do value help from churches.

Local Manly Pastor says the African Church is Thriving

Across the city evangelists visited prisons, schools, and hospitals, receiving more than 5500 decision cards from people who wanted to follow Jesus.

Thousands Gather to Share the Gospel in Mombasa, Kenya

To enable local churches to continue sharing the Gospel message, these missionary teams are currently in Mombasa, working to mobilise evangelists.

African Enterprise – A Culture of Worship Made Possible in Prison

Over 300 African women inmates and their children had no place to pray and worship on Sundays, making it difficult for those of poor health to join in.

For Communities to Thrive All It Takes is Clean Water

Sanitation is so important, the United Nations recognised it in their Millennium Goals, setting a number of targets for communities around the world.