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Rebel Moon (A Streaming Film Review)

Director Zack Snyder wanted to make a Star Wars film and Lucas film said “No”, so Snyder struck out on his own, and thus, Rebel Moon was born.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Gardening

I thought growing a veggie garden would be easy. Here are the five things I wish I knew before I started…

Slow Down into the New Year

This year, while everyone around me is setting big goals, I feel a need to slow down into the new year, to take an unhurried approach.

10 Indoor Activities For Summer

Sometimes the best option at the height of summer is to stay indoors and enjoy the air-con. Here are some activities to keep you occupied.

8 Outdoor Activities For The Summer Holidays

When you’ve made it to the end of Netflix and watched everything at the cinema, it’s time to take the kids outdoors with these activity ideas.

‘One Piece’ is Spectacular, Bizarre, Uplifting [Netflix Review]

Spectacle, memorable characters, bizarre visuals and a whole lot of heart. ‘The most uplifting show on streaming this year’ says reviewer.

Mixed Reviews for New Star Wars Spin-Off ‘Ahsoka’

New Star Wars based series Ahsoka is a visual feast, but the show’s writing leaves something to be desired, writes Oli Phillips.

Will you Help Emojis Rule The World?

There are words that will never be made into emojis, because they are too nuanced or complex, writes Dr Pete Court.

Extraction 2: Light on Story, Big on Entertaining Action (Movie Review)

Extraction 2 is an entertaining, intense-action film that knows what it is and what it wants to do, writes Oli Phillips.

“You Choose Your Hard” – Or Do You?

There is a popular social media post doing the rounds that says “You Choose Your Hard.” But there’s something it’s missing…

Homelessness: “It Could Never Happen To Me…”

Hidden homelessness is something that affects so many people; there is likely someone you know who is affected, writes Lorrene McClymont.

The Importance of Wasting Time

What if wasting time was the most productive thing you could do this week? I mean intentionally giving yourself permission to rest or play.

Podcasting: Is This the Next Testament?

Via podcasts, the truths of the Bible are being rediscovered and re-presented for a new culture, a new generation, a new people of God.

Too Right Bluey, Creativity is Not a ‘Tool’

The problem is, creativity is not designed for solving problems. Sure, it can be helpful, but it’s not what it’s for.

Why Am I So Tired

Do you ever sleep a full eight hours only to wake up tired, only to repeat the cycle the next night, and wonder what on earth is going on?

Is Your Kettle Killing the Planet?

‘Right To Repair Laws’ are becoming a big thing. Yes, we now require laws to make companies allow you to fix the stuff you own.

Parenting Hack: Send Your Kids on Secret Missions

So far with secret missions I have convinced my kids to put dishes away, clean up someone else’s mess, be polite, and be quiet…

Counting my Blessings, Or, How to be Thankful

Sometimes it’s hard to see blessings when everything is going wrong. That’s when it’s time to be thankful, starting with the small things.