Sow a seed of love today!


Dear Friend

In Jesus’ parable of the farmer and the seed in Matthew 13, the farmer casts out seed onto the ground.  Some fell in places where it failed to take root, or didn’t grow strongly enough to produce a harvest.  However, on the good soil the seed took root and continued to grow until it eventually yielded a very good crop.  In each case the seed, Jesus said, is the word of God.

This picture of the seed being scattered and falling in different places is very much like the way radio sends out its signal into the community.  The signal is available all around the Riverland, but some people don’t have their radio on so they don’t hear the message, while others might hear something that gets their attention for a moment, but in the busyness of life it’s forgotten.

But some, maybe just a few, open their ears and their hearts to receive, and God moves in their lives for their eternal benefit.

Our goal is to always be casting seeds of God’s love, via radio, out into the community, so that the seed can be received and take root in someone’s heart, somewhere, in our community.  We may never know where the seed of love is growing and producing good fruit, but we know that God will nurture and make it grow where He wills.

During our June Seeds of Love Appeal, we hope to raise much needed funds for the station.  Your donation will be a seed of love to help us continue to share hope and encouragement on the radio.

You are a part of this ministry when you uphold us in prayer, and ask the Lord for the message of Jesus on the radio to make a difference in people’s lives.  You are a partner in this cause when you join as a member or volunteer your help, and when you sow into Riverland Life FM by giving towards our financial needs.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.  You can also give to our Seeds of Love Radio Appeal via our website,

As we look to improve the strength of our radio transmission into the Waikerie township, our funds will be stretched further.  In this we rejoice because more people living and traveling through our region will be able to hear our broadcast.

If we can raise $10,000 through our Seeds of Love appeal this June, we will be in a good position to continue to share great music, positive radio and the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ throughout the Riverland and upper Mallee region.

May you be blessed as you sow love into your community,

Heather Saunders
Station Manager

Current Seeds of Love

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