Why Do I Feel Alone in a Hyper-Connected World?

By: Susan Sohn

When writing my book “True You” I knew I had to include a chapter on connection. Many who I interviewed spoke about loneliness and the disconnect they were living. Hearing their stories was painful.

There were times I wished I could gather them all around my table and let them know that ‘I see you, I know you and I’m with you’ 

To be seen, known and heard is an amazing thing.

Woman holding an orange smoke bombIt speaks directly to our value and can carry us through so much.  How do we do this for one another? How do we actually ‘see’ ‘know’ and ‘be with’? I recall lessons I learned from my late father who was, in my opinion, one of the greatest communicators I’ve ever known and someone who placed value on everyone he met. He would remind me that more important than being interesting is being interested in others. 

A natural flow from being interested is that you are interesting and within that, there is a beautiful flow that happens.

A H2H, or Human to Human connection that can replace that feeling of loneliness or disconnection. Loneliness and disconnection is something we all experience at some time in our life. For some, it’s a more frequent thing and for others it’s occasional. Whatever the case may be, it’s very real and each one of us has the power to change it for another. I hope this chapter speaks to you and I pray that together we can be carriers of connection.

As we rest and sit in stillness and quiet may we discover how deeply connected we are? One to another, to the ground beneath us, the air around us and the planet we are part of.

Article supplied with thanks to Susan Sohn.

About the Author: Susan is a self confessed social media ‘maverick’ whose focus on others leads her to connect people to stories and one another.