Thousands Gather to Share the Gospel in Mombasa, Kenya

By: Laura Bennett

With an estimated population of approximately 1.5 million, Mombasa is the oldest city in Kenya. It’s the second largest behind Nairobi, with a strategic location along the Indian Ocean that’s seen Mombasa thrive as an economic and cultural hub.

Over the years, many Middle Eastern and Somali immigrants, as well as those from the Indian sub-continent have settled in the region, originally employed as traders and skilled craftsmen. With such cultural and religious diversity, Mombasa has developed into a cosmopolitan community, with predominately Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths being practised. 

Wanting to enable local churches to continue sharing the Gospel message, African Enterprise teams are currently in Mombasa, working to mobilise evangelists and mission workers in the field.

linked arms a symbol of unity

Churches in both Mombasa North and the Mtwapa towns are thrilled to see the mission taking place. Already 792 evangelists have been trained, and over 1700 workers have signed up for the mission. It’s also been remarkable to see local leadership in the government, business community, and financial sector embrace the initiative, opening their premises for ministry opportunities and meetings.

Rev. Wainaina from Full Gospel Churches of Kenya said, “Mombasa North mission [is] a learning lesson for us as the Church on Mombasa. The model by AE is unique. Sometimes you wonder how it will all unfold. Reaching all groups of people in our city is a strategy worth time and investment. It’s time for great harvest in our city. We welcome AE with both hands in our city.”

Bishop Rahab
Bishop Rahab

Bishop Rahab Kuria agreed saying, “I am very excited about the Mombasa North Mission. God has sent Africa Enterprise at the right time in our city. Whenever the AE team shares about this great mission, the more I get convinced that the time for evangelism awakening and Revival in Mombasa city is now.  The many pastors I have shared with about the Mission are committing themselves to the mission. As a church, we are ready to support this great mission.

With the mission now underway, teams are visiting schools, police stations, prisons, colleges and financial organisations, seeking to bring unity and hope their country.

Would you pray with us for the safety of our teams as they travel, and enduring harmony between the people of Mombasa and the Mtwapa towns. 

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Article supplied with thanks to African Enterprise who bring the good news of Jesus to the people of Africa.

About the Author: Laura Bennett is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.