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Why Are So Many Young Childless Men Getting the Snip? Because Hope Has Been Cut Off.

Young men in droves are getting the snip. And often their reason, is that the world is running out of hope and why would you want to bring a child into it?

How Far Is Too Far? | Christian Dating Advice

Teens and young adults want to know how far they can go before God gets angry, when in reality it has nothing to do with displeasing Him.

The Defining Traits Of The Next Generation

We have entered a new era and while we need not react to every whim of a new generation, we cannot expect emerging generations to conform to the old.

Aussies Are Earning Less and Living at Home Longer

For affordability reasons, young adults staying at home longer even when they start their own families, they are more likely to live with their parents.

The rise of the ‘Kidult’ in Australia

Having children stay at home later into their life may provide a hidden financial cost to Australian households. Electricity and food consumption…