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A Simple Cup of Joy

‘Do you want this coffee?’, my mum asked. Little did she know that in that one sentence and gesture, she was affirming my faith.

From Jail to Joy: Maverick City Music’s Grammy Success

The wildly popular US Gospel group builds on last year’s win to take home four Grammys including for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

John and Amy’s Kitchen Table – And What it Says About Worship

We need to build Christian worship that complements both old and new, and is true… Worship cannot be aesthetics alone, writes Stephen McAlpine.

Hillsong United’s New Album Was Worth the Wait

Three years in the making, with Hillsong United’s band members separated by borders, their new album has finally dropped.

Jesus Takes the Worry Out of Worship

With the coming of Jesus, every part of the worship package has been completed by a priest who never had to offer a sacrifice for his own sins.

Maverick City Music Make History as they Perform at Grammys – And Win

Georgia based worship artist group Maverick City Music have won their first Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

A “Matter of the Will” to Remain Aware of God’s Goodness in Our Lives – Hillsong’s Ben Fielding

The pandemic has disrupted the practice of worship but Hillsong songwriter Ben Fielding is focused on connecting people to the heart of God through music.

Modern Day Idols

Today’s idols don’t look like stone altars or brass statues, rather they take the form of success, a significant other, even ministry.

The Future of Worship: How COVID Changed the Way We Church

The global health crisis has dramatically shifted the way people connect with their church. Is it for good, or will service soon return to normal?

Why Your Stuff Isn’t Worth Worshipping

In our culture of modern idolatry, we have made our stuff our god. Your stuff may disappear, but God’s not going anywhere.

Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn on Worshipping in a Crisis

Chris says believers have an opportunity to learn something new about worship: that it’s refined in times of trouble, and is our way through the trouble.

The Man Behind So Many Sunday Worship Songs: Paul Baloche Releases New Album

Paul Baloche, the writer of iconic Sunday setlist staples like Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord, Hosanna and Above All has released his 22nd album.

Church Teams Allowed to Meet Next Weekend, to Conduct Full Easter Services by Live Streaming

Australian Churches will be allowed to conduct Easter services — but worshippers will still have to stay home and watch the services by live-streaming.

What A Mass Child Sacrifice Tells us About the Uniqueness of a Talking God

In an area just north of Lima, experts have recently uncovered the burial site of the largest child sacrifice ritual ever recorded.

I Want That… Pick me.

We have such a great responsibility as worship leaders to stand in the gap for others, drawing them deeper into His presence. You are there with purpose.

Justin Bieber: When the Odds Are Against You Keep Fighting

Last week, pop icon Justin Bieber led worship at Churchome (formerly The City Church) in LA – the home of one of his long-time Christian mentors Judah Smith.

African Enterprise – A Culture of Worship Made Possible in Prison

Over 300 African women inmates and their children had no place to pray and worship on Sundays, making it difficult for those of poor health to join in.

God Was There in My Darkest Days: Human Nature’s Andrew Tierney on ‘Finding Faith

God Was There in My Darkest Days: Human Nature’s Andrew Tierney on ‘Finding Faith’ By: Laura Bennett If you didn’t have a Human Nature poster on your bedroom wall in the 90s, you probably knew a teenager who did. The singing,…