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Women and Girls Suffering the Most In Global Food Crisis

As the world suffers a global food crisis, women and girls are bearing the greatest burden of hunger, says Compassion Australia.

Dear Gutsy, Outspoken, Take-Action Women of God…

Yvette Cherry encourages all gutsy, outspoken, take-action women of God to keep on stepping up and raising their voice.

New Australian Centre Focusing on Women’s Mental Health

HER Centre will combine biological, psychological and environmental factors to better understand mental ill-health conditions in women.

Engineering a Fairer Workplace

Leaders have a role to play in creating spaces where both men and women can flourish, but individuals have a role to speak up, too.

Our Brains Aren’t Ready for Pandemic Fatigue – But There’s Hope, Says Psychologist

“We’re not out of it, because the impact of a global pandemic will take a while to resolve,” clinical psychologist Valerie Ling says.

She’s A Crowd: Making Cities Safer for Women Around the World

She’s A Crowd allows sexual assault survivors to safely share their stories and collects data to prevent assault cases in the future.

Women’s Justice and Mercy Ministries: Celebrating the Church’s Unsung Heroes

A fascinating new podcast and e-book, ‘More Than a Cake Stall’, tells the story of women’s work in justice and mercy ministries.

Dr Katrina Clifford Helping Change Problematic College Cultures for Women

International Women’s Day (IWD), Tuesday 8 March, is an opportunity to celebrate women but also to lament about how women have been treated.

The Clearing

“Like a small flame flickering and waving in the dark, calling to her.” Neri Morris creates theatre of the mind in her creative piece ‘The Clearing.’

The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

Financial planner, Helen Baker, explains the 6 most prominent money challenges that are (mostly) unique to women, and some tips to get ahead.

Jamila Rizvi on Giving Women Their “Work Confidence” Back

A lot of women lose confidence in their career prospects when they become mothers. But confidence isn’t a reflection of ability says Jamila Rizvi.

Movie Challenge: International Day of the Girl

Films that will educate and inspire awareness for girls. Here is a list of recommended films in celebration of International Day of the Girl.

6 Surprising Facts About the Proverbs 31 Woman (Virtuous Woman)

She’s the subject of countless Mother’s Day sermons and women’s Bible studies, but what I found out about the Proverbs 31 woman might surprise you.

Why Women Need to Learn in Quietness and Submission

Women weren’t permitted to speak whenever men were present. As an adult, those words smarted like lemon juice in an open cut.

Is Your Daughter a Victim of Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is sinister, and like other forms of abuse, it seeks to harm the victim and then blame them for it. Learn to recognise the signs.

Greg Attwells On Worship And Empowering Women [Audio]

The Aussie singer-songwriter says, “songwriters still need to pursue uncommon ways of saying timeless truths, as that’s what awakens wonder”.

Women Make Up 47% of the Workforce but Underrepresented in Leadership

In order for organisations to achieve demographic diversity, it is important to understand what some of the barriers are.

Greater Female Labour Force Participation Than Ever Before

The rate of females in the labour force has increased from 69% in 2012 to 71% which sees the participation gap between men and women at it’s lowest so far.