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We Don’t Bow to Zeus Anymore, But We’re No Less Religious

Our God is whatever our ‘ultimate concern’ is—the prime thing we try to get meaning and purpose from: be it money, success, family, or a political ideology.

“Look Before You Book”: A Stern Warning For Travellers

With summer and Christmas getting closer, travel is on the minds of many Australians. But the Government warns to be wary before booking.

Movie Challenge: The Travel Edition

Films showcasing the world’s coolest cities for those itching to travel again, and those who are happy to travel from your lounge room.

Where Will Aussies Be Travelling When Borders Reopen?

Research has found that the desire to travel internationally and nationally remains strong among Australians, even while borders are closed.

Inside the Bubble: How Trans-Tasman Travel Will Work

By: Michael Crooks International travel has returned to Australia. Well, to only one country, but that’s not a bad start for a world still in the grip of a pandemic.

Better Than Access to the Gold Lounge

Gold Lounge access. Finally! But what if I’d gotten it wrong?  What if that pass didn’t give the level of access that I was hoping for?

Around the World on 50 Bucks: The Amazing Global, Spiritual Journey of Christopher Schacht

At the end of his school career, about to dive straight into a computer science degree, Christopher decided instead to embark on an around the world trip.