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How To Hear God’s Voice

In Christianity we talk a lot about having a personal relationship with God, but do you hear God’s voice? Here are some tips for how.

What Does it Mean to Flourish?

It’s a noble and inspiring sentiment, and one you hear in many vision statements – but what does it really mean to flourish?

God is My Security… And Much More

Why not mull over these images – the Lord my shield, my sleep, my security, my deliverer? Perhaps they will ring true for you this week.

He Delights in You – Devotion

When we feel successful, healthy, and loved, we believe that God loves us. But when we like a failure, we often believe God has abandoned us.

Reductionism or Awe: Thinking about God

When it comes to God there are some things we know and many things we don’t. This is why we need humility, writes Brian Harris.

Between Toxic Positivity and a ‘Deus Remotus’: Getting the Balance Right

In our relationship with God, there is no need for toxic positivity and pretence, nor for cynical resignation, writes Brian Harris.

Our Knowable God – And the Unknowable, Hard-To-Please Gods of Ancient Times

Against the backdrop of mysterious, ancient gods that demanded mass killings of children, the God of the Bible shines most brightly, writes Tania Harris.

How Not to Slip up in Life

Knowing that God is not against us but for us, will help to protect us against overwhelming crisis in life, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

How To See God Everywhere – in the Small, Simple Things

Author Annette Spur’s new book shines a light on the many remarkable ways we can encounter God in small, everyday things.