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3 Keys to Asking Better Questions

If you are finding your conversations are not resulting in what you had hoped, try using these 3 keys to help you ask better questions.

Why We Should Rethink the 3 ‘r’s of Education

As the world has changed rapidly in recent decades, our education system has proved itself prone to walking in the steps of the past.

3 Essentials for an Age of Complexity

A posture of humility, an eye for nuance and an ability to transfer are the 3 key elements of deep thinking that will equip us to navigate this digital age.

From Isolation to Innovation: The Unparalleled Power of a Scattered Team

If business leaders empower their scattered team, then we are guaranteed to see the most unique of innovations spring from the most unique of times.

3 Everyday Enemies of Your Tenacity

Putting up a fight against these three enemies of tenacity is a good sign you’re on your way to developing a healthy and productive level of it.

3 Ways to Shift from Monotony to Momentum When Working From Home

One of the biggest enemies of momentum is monotony, and right now it feels like we are all participating in a modern, viral version of Groundhog Day.

Businesses Should Beware of Becoming a Crisis Chameleon and Straying Too Far from Their Brand Identity

While significantly changing your business in the face of crisis can open up opportunities for maintaining momentum, business leaders must tread carefully.

How Businesses Can Recalibrate in a Crisis

‘Getting back to basics’ is a critical first step to take when crisis hits.This can be done by examining two crucial elements in your organisation DNA.

3 Elements Of The Age Of Empowerment

In the existing world of power and politics, the story of David and Goliath has never really rung true. Aside from the odd revolutionary. Until now.

What Your Future Job Will Look Like

If you had told workers centuries ago that the average person’s ‘work’ would be conducted from what we call a ‘laptop’, they would not have believed you.

Are You Embracing A Growth Mindset?

Although many are familiar with a Fixed and a Growth Mindset, I often find that the terms are used with little understanding of what they represent.

Why A Consistent Customer Experience Is The Key To Building Trust

For organisations that are in the service sector, building trust through consistency is a function of one vital thing: A consistent customer experience.

How To Make Millennials Work

The need for industries and brands to stay relevant to the next generation has always been important, but today it matters more than ever.

Why Evolutionary Change Is No Longer Enough

“The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” There came a point where incremental innovation was no longer going to cut it.

How Automation Will Serve Us Well

Imagine a world where you enter a retail store and are instantly identified by your mobile phone. Your preferences are immediately recognised.

Why We Should Trade In Our Education Bias

Over the last forty years or so, school leavers have been encouraged toward university education. But this bias has got to change…

What Is Your Appetite For Failure?

We live in a culture that is obsessed with success. I can hardly think of an event where a leader took to the stage and celebrated a mistake or failure.

3 Keys to Identifying Friction in Business

Nothing turns a customer off more than friction. In fact, nothing turns an employee off more than friction. So here are 3 key questions to help you find it.