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The Case for Mercy

Being merciful is more than refraining from sticking the knife in… it’s also about having eyes open to see those who are struggling.

When a Loved One Goes to Jail – Prison Ministry Making a Difference

There is a saying often said by those in prison: “We do the crime, but friends and family also share the time”.

What Religion, According to Nick Cave, is the “Unhappiest in the World”?

It’s worth listening to Nick Cave when he talks about unhappiness because the Aussie musician knows it deep down in his soul.

Act Justly and Love Mercy

Here are 5 questions Christians who want to be following in the footsteps of Jesus in today’s world can be asking themselves.

Mercy Always Trumps Judgment

Jesus wasn’t interested in their religious rituals or their religious pronouncements. Above everything else, Jesus was interested in mercy.

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

His mercies are brand new every morning! Don’t let the enemy remind you of past failures and rob you of the future you do have.

Mercy Ships Helps Gamai Reach for a New Life

Gamai was just a toddler growing up in Guinea, West Africa, when she pulled a pot of boiling water over and badly burned her arms.