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A lot of women lose confidence in their career prospects when they become mothers. But confidence isn’t a reflection of ability says Jamila Rizvi.

Recently released, Never Walk Alone is the premier track from Hillsong’s forthcoming album These Same Skies.

Free Guy is a fun and youthful adventure that also asks some big questions about the consequences of going against the grain.

“This idea that is built into all of us, into our DNA, is this desire and reflex to help,” Ebony Gaylor, sociologist and social futurist.

Tech expert Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast, says it is better to turn passwords into passphrases.

Young Indigenous man Corey Tutt is passionate about science, loves animals and founded Deadly Science to equip remote Indigenous schools across Australia.

Alexander Pappas inadvertently captured the COVID fatigue feeling in his first single, that was actually inspired by pre-pandemic challenges.

Rebekah Campbell’s book ‘138 Dates’ covers her three-year journey in finding love, confronting grief and rejection, and perseverance.

Here are fifteen films that will educate and inspire awareness of mental health issues during October’s Mental Health Month.

Why does a God who is so infinite allow problems in this world? Best-selling Christian author Max Lucado says the answer is in our response.

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