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From Mindfulness to Watchfulness

Instead of believing we will hear from God at any time, perhaps we should recite this: “I hear from God when I am quiet enough to listen.”

How To Hear God’s Voice

In Christianity we talk a lot about having a personal relationship with God, but do you hear God’s voice? Here are some tips for how.

Learn to Hear the Voice of God

Listening to the Holy Spirit can seem like a weird concept. How exactly does it work? How do I know if it is Him or just my own mind talking?

Both Met Their Future Spouses In a Dream. One Got Married, One Didn’t…

Even when we hear God’s voice, things can still go wrong. The interaction of God’s revelation with our fallen humanity means there are few solid rules.

The Meaning of Cars and Other Vehicles in Dreams

Dreams usually speak a symbolic language. Objects may represent a concept. If your dream features a vehicle of some sort, it is likely to be significant.

He’s a God Who Whispers, Because He’s a God Who’s Close

Think of the last time someone whispered something to you. They weren’t on the other side of the room, they were right next to you.

God “Told” Him to Quit his Job and He went Bankrupt: Why You Need the Church to Hear God’s voice

God’s voice is best heard within the safety and accountability of the church community. This is the pattern we see in the early church.

I Tried To Give A Homeless Man A Sandwich

Perhaps there is a lesson bigger than just being charitable or kind to those less fortunate when God prompts us to help others.

Who Am I To Think I Can Improve The Timing Of God?

I wonder what could be achieved if we were willing to respond when the timing of God disrupts our lives, instead of waiting for when it’s convenient for us.

The God-Dream that Saved a Drought Stricken Farm

For Aussie farmer Jarrod, it was a dream that ended up being the difference between delcaring bankruptcy and keeping his farm.

God’s Voice Brings Grace in the Midst of Domestic Violence [Testimony]

I looked up and around the room and thought I was going crazy. I had heard God’s voice. Was I imagining it? No; I had just heard it.

How do you Know it’s God? The Definitive Guide

Three tests can be seen in Peter’s experience, giving us a clear example to follow when it comes to recognising the voice of God. 

How a Quiet Heart May Not be the Key to Hearing God’s Voice

Most often when I hear advice on the key to hearing God’s voice, it points to the need to get away and find a place to “quieten your heart”.

The Voice from the Heart of Darkness

We expect to see God in beauty, praise, and joy. We expect to see God in light. But what happens when all we see is darkness?