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How to Grieve Someone You’ve Never Met

Despite most of us never having met him, Jock Zonfrillo was a beloved part of TV viewing households across the country.

Chaplain Raewyn Elsegood on How God Sustains Her After Losing Daughter

In early 2021, Raewyn was told to rush her 18-year-old daughter Amy to emergency immediately, after a routine blood test.

Empty Nest Syndrome: Who It Impacts and How to Survive

Janet Evans and Dr Amelia Haines want more awareness and empathy for a type of grief and loss that is common but often ignored.

A Familiar Story for the Eternal Problem of Suffering

Philosophers, scientists and theologians have all sought to understand the problem of evil. The Bible offers a narrative that makes sense of it.

Bring Your Grief to Your Workday! (Actually Please Don’t)

Being able to share our struggles openly with workmates can build greater trust, greater work satisfaction, and greater wellbeing, writes Aaron Johnstone.

Grief and Growing up Explored in ‘The Adam Project’

13-year-old newcomer Walker Scobell outshines even Ryan Reynolds, in this heartfelt Netflix offering about grief and growing up.

There’s a Word for What I’m Experiencing: Wintering. Maybe You’re Feeling it Too

‘Wintering’ is a word for those times when life turns cold, through crisis or loss, and we find ourselves living at a slower pace to everyone else.

Michelle McLaughlin: Finding Hope After Losing a Child

Grief brought Michelle and David to their knees – but they had to remain strong for their other children… they refused to give up.

‘The Starling’ Shows Us We Can Overcome Grief in Many Ways

‘The Starling’ is about expectant parents Lily and Jack (Chris O’Dowd), who soon after giving birth to their daughter Katie lose her to SIDS.

Surviving Childlessness, Faith and Furbabies: Author Steph Penny

Author Steph Penny was prompted to write a book after friends and people from her church started asking about when she would be having kids.

Grieving Can be One of the Greatest Paths to Joy – Award-Winning Artist Ellie Holcomb

Singer songwriter Ellie Holcomb co-wrote ‘Color’ with Needtobreathe frontman Bear Rinehart, a song that overflows with joy.

Four Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Hurting

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say to comfort a friend who is hurting. A good place to start is with what NOT to say!

Grief is the Honour We Give to Those Who Loved Us Well

Even though it hurts, maybe grief is the highest honour we can give to someone who loved us well.

Patience Through Grief

When we’re processing grief, the bible speaks of trials as a pathway of growth in strength and character, leading to our ultimate hope in Jesus.

What Is God Saying in the Midst of My Pain?

In this podcast episode, Tania Harris explores God’s heart in the midst of our pain and suffering and what to do when there seems to be no answers at all.

He Is Close to the Broken Hearted

“Comforter” isn’t God’s title, it’s His nature. These verses are a reminder of His compassion and comfort towards you when you are hurting.

Remembering The Baby We Lost: Singer Chris Sebastian Opens Up About His Song, ‘Soon’

“To the men… It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. And to the women… Surround yourself with love… with people.”

Grieving the Loss of Routine

Has your routine gone out the window and been replaced with the sense of losing your purpose, occupation or identity? This experience is a form of grief.