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Peter Pan Syndrome and a Challenge to ‘Adult’

Do you ever wake up wanting to live like Peter Pan? You know the child who never grew up and frolicked in Neverland?

The Bond of Brothers

There is a reason why Jesus used the word brotherhood to describe the relationships among his disciples, says Russ Matthews.

Is Space Really the Final Frontier?

While Jean Luc Picard is not quite fully human, and not quite fully AI, the Bible tells us that Jesus is both fully human and fully God.

Paralysis by Analysis

We can analyse, assess and plan, but unless we act, we’ll never reap any rewards. The Bible encourages us to ‘have a go’…

Who Do You Imitate?

Maybe it’s worth looking at the life of Jesus and learning from him – for he might be the best one to imitate.

This Too Shall Pass

Life is filled with moments of change, both good and bad. In those times, it’s important to have an unchanging anchor.

Is Barbie Fake?

Did you know they almost ran out of pink paint making the Barbie movie? That’s because things had to look really fake.

Can We Ever Find True Equality?

God declares all humans equal because we are created in his image, no matter how much we earn, how we look or where we live, writes Robert Martin.

Why Do We Love Origin Stories?

Many hit movies are about the hero’s origins…. and we’re intrigued by our own origins, too, taking DNA tests to trace our ancestors. Why the fascination?

Should We Live the Iphone or Android Way?

A recent report that Android users are safer drivers than iPhone users got podcaster Andrew Laird thinking about the nature of humanity…

How Do We Know We Are Human?

Are we merely “human” – just a species? Or are we more? Can we also be “dancer” – people who dance, imagine, create? Sam Chan ponders the famous song lyrics.

Vinyl is Back – Just Like the Christian Faith

Vinyl has captured a new generation who want something that lasts longer than a week. It reveals a longing for something stable, older than ourselves.

8 Glasses of Water… A Myth

Living Water is what Jesus gives us… A filled life. A fulfilled life. “Give me 8 glasses of that per day”, writes Sam Chan.

Sesame Street and Jesus

Reaching out to children and capturing their attention was not new with creators of Sesame Street’s and the Muppets. Jesus set the example.

How Are You at Being Thankful?

Try thankfulness. It can make your life happier, says Robert Martin, writer and speaker from the God in 60 Seconds podcast.

Why is Petrol $2 Per Litre?

The price of petrol recently skyrocketed to over $2 per litre. How can this be? Because this is the price we have to pay, writes Sam Chan.

“Deeply Crazy” – A Way to Better Relationships

Atheist philosopher surprisingly subscribes to the Christian idea of sinfulness. By assuming people are crazy, we can have better relationships, he says.

A Radical Approach to Annoying Colleagues

Can you turn the other cheek in the office, with a less-than-ideal colleague? This episode of God in 60 Seconds explores how.