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What Subtitles Say About Our Changing Viewing Habits

Subtitles used to just be for those who are hard of hearing, but they are now becoming more normalalised and there are many benefits to this.

The Wiggles and World Vision Team Up for New Song ‘Around the World’

Ahead of Christmas, humanitarian aid organisation World Vision has teamed up with The Wiggles to release a new song, ‘Around the World’.

Rom-Coms Don’t Just Make You Feel Good, They’re Good *For* You… It’s Science!

Do you have a secret addiction to feel-good romantic comedies? Turns out there’s good reason. They’re actually good for your health.

“Isn’t It Romantic” – Rebel Wilson & Liam Hemsworth Poke Fun at Chick-Flicks

By Laura Bennett For those that indulge in romantic comedies, half the appeal is knowing just how far fetched and simplistic the love story will be; so what if the leads meet while tasting cheese at a Farmers Market, or stealing each other’s…

What’s New in 2019 on ACCTV

By: Sharon Fitness 2019 for ACCTV viewers is shaping up to be a fantastic year of entertainment, teaching, inspiration and transformation with a wealth of new content headed to screens. It’s never been easier to watch ACCTV either, with…