Compassion Week

By: Sharon Fitness

Each year ACCTV likes to dedicate one week to the remarkable efforts of Compassion and other like-minded organisations doing impressive work amongst the poor and marginalised throughout the world, particularly children.

There are so many inspiring stories from all corners of the globe of lives restored, children saved and communities transformed.

Compassion Week 2019 commences on October 20 with seven days of compelling programs featuring wonderful people and an incredible God. Story after amazing story, you’ll be inspired, motivated, encouraged and moved. All programs will air on ACCTV and will be available on Catchup on the ACCTV website and Apps. (Times listed are AEDT)

October 20 8:00pm – The Disposable Ones
Featuring former Australian rugby league professional, Jason Stevens, The Disposable Ones explores the amazing strength and survival of Colombia’s underprivileged children and child soldiers struggling to live amid harsh conditions, abuse and disease.

October 21 9:00am – Faith, Hope and Gloves
Meet the Hopper family from Mackay, motorbike enthusiasts who love nothing better than a family adventure on two wheels. But their greatest journey begins when they answer God’s call to sponsor Juan David, a little boy living in poverty in the Dominican Republic. The Hoppers discover the impact they have had on Juan David – a brilliant medical student. Yet the deepest understanding of their relationship will come when they meet face to face.

October 21 10:30am – 58: The Film
58: The Film is the inspiring true story of the global Church in action. Witness bravery and determined faith in a journey from the slums of Kenya to the streets of New York. Confront the brutality of extreme poverty and meet those who live out the True Fast of Isaiah 58 and create stunning new possibilities for the future.

October 21 8:30pm – Compassion Stories: Philippines (premiere screening)
The ACCTV team travelled to the Philippines to uncover the incredible work of Compassion in local communities there.

October 22 7:30pm – Living on Cloud Nine
Four young surfer grommets from the Sunshine Coast are taken on the trip of a life-time. Produced in conjunction with Christian Surfers and Compassion, the four boys journey from their homes of comfort and carefree living, to the Philippines- where they come face to face with not only some of the world’s best surf breaks, but the hard-hitting realities of poverty.

October 22 8:00pm – Hope Has a Name
In urban America, the bush of Africa, the war zone of the Congo, and in closed nations there are women who are living outside their own cultures, society, and comfort level to care for orphans, build schools, liberate addicts, feed the poor, and love the broken. These ordinary women are reaching into hopeless situations of people and creating hope. A few of these women have names you may recognise, while many are mostly unknown. In Hope Has a Name Heidi Baker, Amy Lancaster, Deena Van’t Hul, Jessica Goodman, and Cassandra Lee take you on a candid and intimate journey into their worlds and lives as they make hope come alive, and with it the belief that we can all do something.

Through the week and on Catchup – Compassion Stories (series)
Follow powerful stories highlighting the transformative work of the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program in Africa, South America, India and Asia. Gain insight and inspiration through the honest eyes of those directly affected in this compelling series, ‘Compassion Stories’. Hear about the journey of individuals and families as they search for hope in their different circumstances of poverty and desperation.

This is just a small selection of what’s on offer this week on the ACCTV website and apps. Be sure to tune in all week and visit for more.

Article supplied with thanks to ACCTV.