Sharing the Gospel to the Very End: Ravi Zacharias Dies, Age 74

The beloved evangelist and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has passed away, aged 74, at his home in Atlanta, USA after a short battle with sarcoma.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Next Generation

In order for us to lead this next generation through a time of crisis, it is important that we understand them and the world that is shaping them.

The Nurses and Medics Lifting Each Other Up in Prayer Across the Globe

In an powerful act of unity, nurses from around the globe are praying daily with one another as part of their routine practice before clocking in.

Red Frogs Supporting Teens in Isolation

Social distancing has hit young people pretty hard, but Red Frogs Australia are finding ways to ensure no one isolates alone.

African Enterprise South Africa Response to COVID-19

African Enterprise South Africa are delivering food, face masks and the Gospel message to those struggling most in lockdown conditions.

Prayer in the Pandemic: Inside the Emergency Field Hospitals

In an unprecedented medical response, Samaritan’s Purse have set up two emergency field hospitals in Italy and New York City – running simultaneously.

The Architect of Anzac Day

The catch cry of Canon David Garland was “nothing is too good for our soldier boys”. It epitomises the heart of a man dedicated to the soldiers he served.

Is There an End to Infectious Disease?

An interview with Dr. Justin Denholm, infectious disease consultant and medical director of the Victorian Tuberculosis program.

Coronavirus: — Latest Important Information

This article provides you with information released up until Tuesday 31st March in regards to COVID-19

Coronavirus: Call for Calm — Latest Updates

This article provides you with information released up until Tuesday 24th March in regards to Australia’s response to COVID-19

Dr Catherine Hamlin, the Aussie who Change Ethiopia, has Died Age 96

Catherine Hamlin, who’s dedicated work repairing childbirth injuries for thousands of Ethiopian women, has died on Wednesday at her home.

COVID-19: National Call to Prayer at 7pm, Every Night

The combined Christian churches across every denomination in Australia have launched a ‘National Call to Prayer’ – starting March 19,

Coronavirus Update 18 March — Latest Important Information

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the travel ban on Australians to level 4 for the entire world – the first time in history.

Coronavirus: Call for Calm – Helpful Information

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is calling for calm over the coronavirus outbreak, since January 2020, as people strip supermarket shelves.

The Platypus is Under Serious Threat, and Scientists are Calling for National Action

A new study led by the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of New South Wales Sydney has found platypus numbers have dropped by up to 50 percent,

Remembering June Dally-Watkins: Style Queen and Woman of Faith

Beloved etiquette coach June Dally-Watkins is being remembered by generations of Australians as a woman of grace, faith and Godly values.

Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page Urges: “Learn CPR”

The original ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Greg Page, who had a brush with death in January, has posted a video urging people to learn CPR.

When the World Sends You Garbage, Send Back Music

Cateura is a small slum in Paraguay, South America, built on a garbage tip. But from these conditions something beautiful has emerged – an orchestra.