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Here are some tips to make things go smoother, learned over many years of extensive shopping, with multiple children, in public places!

Kabul, Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, but the Christian charity will continue to provide humanitarian aid to its embattled people.

By: Jenny Baxter How do you be a better friend, colleague, or for that matter, mother to your adult children?

“…Can you make something beautiful with people that you strongly disagree with? I think you can, and I think we need to.”


August 18, 2021

A breath prayer is a simple, short and very helpful in times of busyness and stress as it can be prayed while working or during a short break.

Hillsong Church co-founder and pastor Brian Houston will face court charges in October over his father Frank’s alleged offences.

The creator economy involves the proliferating number of individuals who are making an earning by using social media to share their skills and knowledge.

This new documentary is bringing John Lennox and ‘Hercules’ actor Kevin Sorbo face to face, to take the faith conversation one step further.

40 years since the Chinese Bible smuggling operation ‘Project Pearl’, Open Doors is now encouraging Australians to become a Bible smuggler from home.

A report shows that Australians are seeking new paths to learn about faith, and are using inventive ways to connect with other Christians during lockdowns.

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