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While many secular commentators are happy to see the church in decline, there may come a day when they’ll yearn for the days of Christianity’s influence.

This contemporary Netflix production of Jane Austen’s Persuasion will win a new audience, but may turn off purists, writes Russ Matthews.

Matthew was just one when his parents discovered he had a sight impairment. His cataracts had him turned away from pre-school at the age of four.

You might be standing right in front of majesty, but failing to notice it because you’re distracted by other things, writes Stephen McAlpine.

In ‘The Sea Beast’, Chris Williams has delivered one of the rare films that should be on every family’s watchlist this season, says Russ Matthews.

Life is always messy in the middle, and sometimes we have to walk through chaos before the big picture becomes obvious, writes Lorrene McClymont.

In a career first, Hillsong United’s Taya is stepping out with her own solo worship album – featuring her own songwriting.

Hard things scare us because they take effort. But although we may not see it at the time, the Lord can always bring beauty out of the hard times.

The Gray Man is an excellent introduction to a new action hero who is a combination of both antihero and compassionate warrior, writes Russ Matthews.

The Seven Network’s Hugh Whitfeld updates us on the unfolding emergency in the UK as the country swelters through its hottest day on record.

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