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We all know the Monday morning atmosphere when colleagues come into the office again after the weekend. Our attitude can predict the rest of the day.

Faith, in fact, gets an interesting wrap in ‘Don’t Look Up’ and also anchors one of the most sincere moments in the movie.

The book of Peter is a treasure chest of Biblical gold, overflowing with direction, correction and revelation.

A new website allows you to plan your own funeral and create a personal space for loved ones to visit after you’ve passed away.


January 12, 2022

The historical record of Abraham’s life doesn’t seem to point to him as a man of great faith, but instead as a man of a weak and doubting faith.

As the Government supports more use of RATs, let’s take a look at their effectiveness, how easy it is to find one, and who gets them for free.

This naturally sweetened strawberry jam is not only great as a spread, but can also be used as a topping for pancakes or as filling in a flan or tart.

“Genius is one of those concepts that is very hard to define, but it’s easy to identify,” Erwin explores the divine genius of Jesus in his new book.

Trust consistently emerges as the common denominator between the world’s longest lasting companies, keeping them afloat through every new fad and trend.

Having experienced some pushback about her singing ambitions, Bella Taylor-Smith now sees clearly about what she should do with her talent.

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