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Every donation you give is truly precious to keep Riverland Life FM alive and sharing the gospel message of hope to our listeners, through great music and inspirational words of life. 

Donations of $2 or more are Tax Deductible.

Membership is also a great way to support the station!  Annual membership is $55 incl GST, and is open to all who support the objects of our Association and agree with our Statement of Faith, as detailed in our Constitution.

Current need: Riverland Life FM is still in need of funds to cover the costs of transmission in 2018.

You can give to Riverland Life FM in one of the following ways:

By direct deposit:

BSB: 105059
Acc/No: 035777240


Donate or pay your membership subscription to
Riverland Life FM through PayPal*

*To give using your Paypal account or your credit card. If you aren't a member of Paypal and you don't want to join, you can use your credit card. After clicking the Paypal button above, just click the 'Pay with a credit or debit card' link to continue.