By: Rachel Doherty Curfews can be a useful way for parents to influence the behaviour of their teens. Especially when they’re making poor choices or hitting the party scene. Teenagers at some point will dip into the world beyond their home. It’s only a matter of time before they want to go to parties or hang out […]

How do you motivate kids? It may be one of the biggest struggles parents and teachers experience. We remind them to clean their room or do their schoolwork. They reply that it’s too hard.We cajole them to turn off their screens and play outside or read a book. They reply that it’s boring. We plead […]

Are you tearing your hair out over your child’s Fortnite gaming habits? Is the all-consuming console game affecting your tween or teen’s mood and sleep? Taking over their social life and dragging them away from sports, homework and chores—not to mention the rest of the family? If that scenario sounds familiar, take heart. Adolescent and child psychologist […]

By Katrina Roe A new study of babies has found that hugging a child helps their brain grow! And the more you hug, the more it grows. The other day we had some friends round for dinner. As they were leaving, their baby asked for a cuddle. Never being one to pass up a cuddle with […]

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